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  • 16-Oct-2011 To 01-Oct-2011

    TAG Knowledge - Akhtaboot 2nd Job Fair – 2011

    Akhtaboot-TAG Knowledge 2nd Job Fair – 2011 - 26th & 27th of October
    2011 @ 10am – 7pm TAG-Knowledge Center, Queen Rania St.



    Under the Patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Labor, Dr. Mahmoud Al Kafaween,  Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Center (TAG-Knowledge) and Akhtaboot are proud to invite you to take part in TAG Knowledge-Akhtaboot 2nd job Fair to be held at TAG-Knowledge Center on October 26th and 27th, 2011. The not-for-profit Job Fair is held as a CSR initiative of TAG-Knowledge and Akhtaboot Cares Initiative and any proceeds resulting from any Job Fair organized in the future will be used to fund  TAG Knowledge and Akhtaboot CSR Programs. Recognizing a need to bridge the unemployment gap all over the Middle East job market, the Job Fair is to be held at TAG-Knowledge Headquarters in Amman, Jordan with the participation of a number of leading Jordanian companies and educational institutions covering different industries. The Career Fair will feature a two day exhibition style job fair including Career-related courses running all day long.

    About the Venue

    Located in the heart of the University Street, TAG-Knowledge Center is a world-class venue which aims to support the Arab youth community in building their professional capacities, reshaping their skills, and upgrading their qualifications through state of the art information technology tools and customized knowledge facilities in order to ensure opportunity and equality with their international peers and to benefit from the wide experience TAG-Org has gained.

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    About the Akhtaboot Cares Initiative (ACI)

    The Akhtaboot Cares Initiative (ACI) is a comprehensive CSR program that was developed through partnerships with a number of second parties and educational institutions in the Middle East and GCC region. Through the ACI Akhtaboot maintains an ongoing presence in the region’s educational institutions and career-related events by developing and executing specific training programs that are tailor-made to educate graduates-to-be and job seekers on how to approach the job market and to smoothen their transition into the professional world.


    Tag Knowledge-Akhtaboot Job Fair will be held for 2 days featuring an all day job fair on October 26th and 27th 2011. Participating companies looking to hire qualified candidates can interview job seekers on-the-spot in an interview room, especially dedicated for on-the-spot interviews. In addition, career related training sessions will run throughout both days from 10 am - 7 pm for job seekers and students who are interested in building upon their professional skills and competencies. Training sessions would cover the following topics:
    1.Effective CV Writing Skills.
    2.Interview Skills.
    3.Planning for your Career.
    4.Job Search Strategies.

      Date                                  Time
      Day 1: 26th of October   10 am - 11 am: Opening Ceremony.
      11 am - 7 pm: Job Fair and Career-Related Courses running all day.
      Day 2: 27th of October   10 am - 7 pm: Job Fair and Career-Related Courses running all day.


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    Job Fair 2010 Statistics

    •  More than 8,000 registered job seekers visited the job fair in 2010.
    •  90% of attending job seekers held a Bachelor’s degree.
    •  88% of the companies described the promotion prior the Job Fair as very good to excellent.
    •  92% of the companies described Akhtaboot team follow-up on job fair related issues as very good to excellent.
    •  82.8% of the companies described the booth set up as very good to excellent.
    •  100% of the companies were extremely satisfied with the number of attending job seekers.
    •  82.8% of the companies were satisfied with the time duration of the job fair.
    •  96.6% of the companies described staff support as very good to excellent


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    Companies interested in participating in the Job Fair please call +962 6 5777500 or drop us an email at

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