If you are a university or college student in any specialization, you are welcome to join Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Society (TAG-KS) where you will be offered all you need to upgrade and reshape your skills and qualifications to meet future requirements.

Training Plan

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Thank you for your interest in joining TAG-KS please visit us at TAG-KS location to hand your membership form and get your membership

Option 2:

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I the undersigned would like to request a membership in TAG-KS. By signing, I acknowledge & accept the following:

I hereby undertake to compensate for any tangible or intangible damages I cause and affect TAG-KS in any form. I will follow all TAG-KS policies and instructions as specified by TAG-KS personnel. TAG-KS has the right to reject or end my membership without mentioning any reasons.

Training Plan

Training Plan


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